About Us

About Virupaksha Energy

Empowering Lives through Virupaksha Energy Since 2017

At Virupaksha Controls and Automation Pvt Ltd, we ignited our journey in 2017 with an unwavering passion for green energy and sustainability. Founded under the brand Virupaksha Energy, we set forth on a mission to reduce global pollution and empower individuals and communities to embrace their journey towards self-sustainability through clean, renewable energy.


Our Vision

Our vision is ambitious yet deeply rooted in our commitment to a better world. We strive to create healthy and sustainable communities, ensuring that both current and future generations have equal access to essential social services while living on a thriving and sustainable planet.


Our Mission

We are committed to helping everyone harness the abundant energy of the sun, empowering individuals to achieve self-sustainability. Through our solar solutions, we aim to make clean energy accessible to all, minimizing our collective carbon footprint and creating a brighter, cleaner world.

Cultivating a Culture of Excellence


We are driven by a profound passion for renewable energy and its potential to transform lives and the environment.


We recognize our responsibility towards the planet and its inhabitants. We act conscientiously, ensuring our actions positively impact the world around us.


We take ownership of our commitments and projects, ensuring their success and meaningful contribution to a sustainable future.


We are steadfast in our dedication to delivering quality solutions and services that align with our mission and vision.


Trust is the bedrock of our relationships—with our clients, partners, and communities. We strive to cultivate and maintain this trust through transparency and reliability.


Our culture is one of collaboration, innovation, and growth. We believe in fostering a work environment that nurtures talent, creativity, and forward-thinking.

Join us at Virupaksha Controls and Automation Pvt Ltd, where our commitment to a sustainable future is powered by passion, responsibility, ownership, commitment, trust, and a vibrant, inclusive culture. Together, we can light the path to a greener and more prosperous world.


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