Solar Water Pumping (SWP)

Harnessing the Sun to Quench Your Thirst


Solar water pumping systems utilize solar energy to power water pumps, providing a sustainable solution for irrigation, livestock watering, and water supply in remote or off-grid locations. These systems consist of solar panels that generate electricity, which is used to drive the water pump.

How to Choose a Solar Water Pumping System

Determine the water source (well, borehole, river, pond) and its depth. This will help decide whether a submersible or surface pump is needed.

Calculate the water requirements for your application, including flow rate and pressure needed.

Assess the average sunlight availability in the location to determine the size of the solar panel array.

Select a pump that matches the water requirements and offers efficient performance.

Decide whether you need to store water in a tank for later use or if the pump will provide water directly to the application.

Types of Solar Water Pumping Systems

Submersible Solar Water Pump
These pumps are placed directly in the water source (such as a well or borehole) and push water to the surface using a pump connected to a motor. They are suitable for deep water sources.
Surface Solar Water Pump
Surface pumps are placed at the water source and use an impeller to pull water into the pump, which is then pushed to the surface. They are suitable for shallow water sources like ponds or rivers.

Choosing Between Types

Advantages of Solar Water Pumping Systems

Disadvantages of Solar Water Pumping Systems


Solar water pumping systems offer a reliable and sustainable solution for water supply needs in various applications. They provide energy independence, cost savings, and environmental benefits. When choosing a solar water pumping system , consider factors such as the water source, requirements, sunlight availability, and system type to ensure optimal performance and benefits.

Looking to harness solar energy for water pumping needs? Our experts can guide you through the selection process to ensure the best fit for your application.
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